in 2015, we began collecting and distributing suitcases to children in foster care. The children we help range in age from 4 to 18. These children often feel unwanted and unloved. Furthering this misconception, is the fact that they often have little more than a small trash bag to bring precious belongings with them from placement to placement. these belongings are often small reminders of the good times and important people in their young lives. when these mementos are treated as trash, it can have a devastating effect on the children's self worth. Cases of Hope is an avenue to bring a positive self worth and a hopeful attitude for the future to these kids.  


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every child in foster care with a quality suitcase. a safe place to store their beloved memories and to hold their hope for the future. This mission began simply enough. our founder, Samantha Richmond, decided to donate a suitcase to children in foster care. when She contacted a foster agency to see what organization would handle such a donation, she found no such organization existed. A problem she decided she could fix. with the help of her younger sister, Sarah Walsh and their good friend, Michael Melissa May, the three set out to change the lives of these precious children.   

The best advice I have from one foster child to another is that you never give up. Never think that you are worthless.
— Jane, Age 10

What We've Achieved

  • we collected 10 suitcases to donate to children in the Houston, TX area for our first month of operation, July 2015.  
  • We have worked with two Houston area companies on company wide suitcase drives.
  • In 2015 - All told, we put 86 suitcases in the hands of children in foster care in the Houston, TX area 

Collection Tracker

How many suitcases we have provided to children in foster care so far